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These scratch and weathering brushes help you get that authentic FRONTIER SCUM feel. They are raster brushes, and primarily intended for masking.

Made from royalty free sources, these brushes are free to use for both personal and commercial projects. Indeed, your project doesn't even have to have anything to do with FRONTIER SCUM. No attribution, no license, no nothing. Free! Gratis!

The only thing you're not allowed to do with these brushes is re-upload them somewhere else and charge people for them. 

For information on how to add the brushes to Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo (or Publisher if you also have Designer/Photo installed), please see the official documentation.

FRONTIER SCUM is copyright Den of Druids.

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AuthorKarl Druid
Tagsaffinity-brushes, Brushes, frontier-scum


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FRONTIER SCUM - Scratch & Weathering.afbrushes 3.3 MB


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Thank you so much for these.

As with everything you make, I love these brushes. Out of curiosity, which of the Affinity programs do you use for your design work? I’ve been looking for something to replace the Adobe Suite. I’m wondering whether Affinity Photo will get me through 99% of work or whether its worth investing in the whole shebang…


Heya! Affinity Publisher is the absolute bread and butter of doing rpg stuff in my opinion. But there's a cool integration between Publisher, Photo, and Designer if you have all three, where you can switch between them on the go in the same Publisher file. That said, Designer is probably the least necessary if the lot since Publisher comes with some vector editing functionality as it is. 

So I would recommend at least Publisher, Publisher + Photo for all of the most important things (from my perspective), and all three if you wanna go all out! 

Oh great, thanks for the tip! I jump straight past Publisher and into Photo to mess around with some card layouts. I will give Publisher a look over Xmas and see how it compares :)

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These are some of the best brushes I've ever used. I bought Affinity Photo specifically so I could have access to them while using Publisher, and they STILL blew me away.

Here's an example of the brushes in action in a book that I am working on. Without them, I would not have made nearly as pretty a product. Thank you, Karl Druid, for this amazing set of brushes!

Are these available for photoshop?

Unfortunately not, I don't have PS so don't know how to go about making that happen 😔 Come on over to Affinity!


BLESS YOUR HEART I love you. Thank you. 100% awesome.